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Nightlife and Best Pubs in Goa

Nightlife and pubs in Goa

Goa is the perfect holiday destination with its Crystal Blue waters Sunny beaches and extensive Sandy show lines. Most of all it is a popular hub for all kinds of people with its lively and active nightlife with beach parties that go on till dawn. Those of you who are looking to satisfying the party spirit within you, then Goa is your ultimate destination. so grab on to you Bib and Tuckers, as we take you on a journey of Revelation of some of the best nightclubs in Goa – the ‘party capital of India’.

Club Cabana

The Club Cabana in Goa is located at Arpora Hills on the Anjuna Road. It is the perfect destination for fun lovers, party enthusiasts and experience seekers. It is situated in a mind-blowing location and the interiors of the club are Uber cool as you are surrounded amidst the treetops while you gaze at a sky studded with stars. The interior decor and the vibrant Ambience of the Club Cabana make it a fun place to visit. The Club Cabana also comes with the poolside bar main bar serving varieties of drinks that get you tipsy turvy, Lounge, clubbing area, and even a Dance Floor. The Club Cabana also has a separate area for women only. It is the perfect spot for romantic couples dates as well as to hang out with your friends. The amazing views of the beach from the Club Cabana makes it to the top of the list.

Club M

Club M - Goa
Club M, Goa(source: picturesboss)

The club M is located within the Marbella beach resort. It is one of the most happening night clubs in the city of Goa. It is frequented and most popular for its amazing feet thumping music unskilled DJ’s who takes you through the night dancing away till you are unable to stand any more. The prices are a bit high here, but worth the experience and the thrill of the nightlife.


The Tito nightclub is one of the well established night clubs in Goa. It can be found located on the Titos lane on the Baga beach. At this nightclub you will find lots of Indian dancers, entertainers as well as International entertaining artists. The tito nightclub place all your favorite Bollywood and commercial music. It opens its doors 6 days a week except for Mondays from 9:30 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Entry into the Tito nightclub comes with an entry fee of rupees 1500 for couples and Stags. It is the perfect spot to be entertained with its great interiors, 2 large bars supplying all the liquor you need as well as a large Dance Floor. This nightclub has set aside Wednesday as ladies night where ladies of different backgrounds, cultures, and places can come in for a free drink and be entertained like no other.


Curlies - Goa
Curlies, Goa

The curlies is located near the Flea market At Saint Michael vaddo in Anjuna Goa. It is a legendary beach shack and one of the first of its kind in the state of Goa. Ever since its establishment it used to be a must visit the place after sundown once you have done your shopping at the Anjuna Flea market. Mondays and Thursdays are the biggest Party Nights that get people flocking to have the time of the life. It is open throughout the year as it is popular for its psychedelic Trance and techno music.

Cape Town Cafe Goa

Cape Town Café - Goa
Cape Town Café, Goa(Source: capetowncafe)

The Cape Town Cafe in Goa is open from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.. it can be found located on the Baga Calangute road in Bardez, Goa. the Cape Town Cafe is located on the top of a cliff and surrounded by the old school quaint Cottage. It is a combination of both the cafe and a nightclub that is popular for its delicious signature drinks which are unique of the house as well as the perfect Ambience and setting for rounds of entertainment.

Cafe Mambo

Cafe Mambo - Goa
Cafe Mambo, Goa(source: picturesboss)

The cafe Mambo in Goa sees DJs, artists, and entertainers from all over the world club together for some enthralling performance. It is a spectacular destination for fun and party lovers, whether they are locals or tourists. It is the popular hub for all types of concerts and other shows. It also brings together chefs and bartenders who take pride in their expertise of mixing together drinks and other unique specialties of the house that gives it a groovier feel.

Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley - Goa
Shiva Valley, Goa(source: picturesboss)

You can find the Shiva Valley located on the shows of the Anjuna beach in GoaIt is jam-packed on Tuesday Nights with both International DJs and other popular local once playing thumping Trance music that gets you up on the floor and wanting to party all night long. This is one party which does not wind out as you are continuously amazed by the enthusiasm and the vibrancy that radiates right through you. In addition to this, the biggest hits of the Shiva Valley is its full moon night parties.

Sinq nightclub Goa

Sinq Night Club - Goa
Sinq Night Club, Goa(source: picturesboss)

The Sinq nightclub in Goa can be found located in the Candolim. It is an exotic place to party with its fine interior decor and superbly aligned blue curtains. It is the central spot for organizing night parties, events, and private poolside parties. It is open from 10 in the night to 3 in the morning.

The LPK nightclub Goa

The LPK nightclub is one of the best disco clubs if you are looking forward to grooving the entire night. It is the meeting point of love compassion and, on the waterfront. This waterfront nightclub is located quite near to the Nerul river and it is indicated with its big neon sign that is easily portable from all around. It plays amazing Bollywood music and the latest commercial hits. It is the ideal spot if you are looking for some entertainment or even for a quiet walk along the waterfront with music playing in the background. It is the ultimate spot for exotic cocktails and shooters.

Cafe Lilliput Goa

Cafe Lilliput - Goa
Cafe Lilliput, Goa(source: picturesboss)

The cafe Lilliput can be found located on Goa popular Anjuna Beach. The Lilliput Cafe offers breathtaking views of the beach and sees so as far as the eye can see. It is made itself to the list of best party places in Goa and it is also one of the oldest places for active nightlife. So if you are looking for some raising night of fun, entertainment, partying, dancing and groovy music along with delicious food, then this place is a must visit.

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