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Top Places to visit in North Goa

Places to visit in north Goa

About North Goa:

Are you looking for some super awesome places to partying to its zenith? Roll up your sleeves and head out to some of the best places in North Goa. It has the hang of everything from gorgeous beaches in Goa to beach shacks delicious cuisine, fashion outlets, street food and lots more. These are some of the most rousing and enlivening places to visit in Goa in your next travel bucket list that will get you coming back for more!

1. Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach, Goa

The Anjuna Beach is the most popular spot for adventure seekers, nature lovers, fun lovers, and beach thrill seekers. There is no entry fee. It is open for visitors throughout the year and on all days of the week. You can witness the Hippie culture of the Goans and shop at its flea markets. Some of the most popular attractions of Anjuna Beach includes water activities, Jetskiing, paragliding, water sports yoga sessions, Reiki, Ayurvedic massages, and lots more. It is the popular hub for water sports enthusiast as the rates are reasonable when compared to other beaches. It is the perfect spot to be a part of the active nightlife at the whole Bean Tofu, Casa Anjuna, Banyan soul, Cafe Diogo, and other such night bars in and around Anjuna Beach.

2. Calangute beach

Calangute Beach - Goa
Calangute Beach, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

The Calangute beach in Goa is the perfect spot for photo phonetics, fun lovers, nature lovers, sightseers, wanderers, and almost anyone. It is open on all days of the week and at all times. The Calangute beach is the biggest beach in the whole of North Goa and it attracts several thousands of visitors from all over the world. Some of the main attractions of the Calangute beach includes water sports, tourist attractions, and active nightlife. Some of the most thrilling sports activities include the banana ride, Jetskiing, catamaran sailing, paragliding, bumpy ride parasailing surfing and lots more. Tourists also throng to the Calangute beach in Goa for its Indian yoga centers that keep your body and mind fit and under control.

3. Fort Aguada

Fort Aguada - Goa
Fort Aguada, Goa (Source: pixabay)

The Fort Aguada is a place for history thriller seekers and adventure seekers from all over the world. It was the Portuguese who built the Fort Aguada way back in the 16th century. It was built to protect Goa from the attacks of the outside world and it is surrounded by huge fort walls on all sides. It is popular for its architectural beauty and stunning landscape. The top of the Fort offers a panoramic view of the adjoining beaches as far as the eye can see. The fort comprises of a Citadel and in orbicular Lighthouse Tower which was built in the year 1864. From the very top of the Lighthouse, one can view the Cabo Raj Niwas And surrounding beauty of nature.

4. Candolim beach

Candolim Beach - Goa
Candolim Beach, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

The Candolim beach in Goa is the perfect spot for honeymooners, couples as well as to spend time with friends and family. It stands out from the Other beaches as it is less crowded and forms amazing dune crests that are unique of this beach. The popular attractions of this Candolim beach include sports activities such as bomb brides, parasailing, paragliding, Jetking, catamaran sailing surfing, swimming and lots more. It is also the perfect spot if you are looking for some refreshing Ayurvedic massages that rejuvenates your body and mind and refreshes you in a way that keeps it fresh and young looking.

5. Vagator beach

Vagator Beach - Goa
Vagator Beach, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

One of the most stunning beaches of North Goa is the Vagator beach and you can find it situated in Bardez. The red cliffs and the tall Palm trees give it its uniqueness and make it stand out from the Other tourist Goa beaches. In addition to this, it is also serene and clean. The Vagator beach has many attractions some of which includes the Anjuna Flea market where you get almost everything from trendy jewelry antiques, bags, mask, mementos, souvenirs, accessories, footwear and lots more. Near to it is the Chapora Fort which is made up of red laterite layers and built by the Portuguese centuries ago.

6. Arambol beach

Arambol Beach - Goa
Arambol Beach, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

The Arambol beach is easily accessible by all means of transport, whether it is by car, plane, bus or train. It is also their home to a traditional and quaint fisherman’s village. The Pristine beach attracts visitors and tourists from not only India but from all over the world. If you are looking for a spot within your budget along with lots of fun, then the Arambol beach is the one for you. It was only in 1960 is that Arambol developed and emerged as a Paradise for the visitors to escape from the Hustle and bustle of the city life. Everything is reasonably priced and it has everything that you will ever need.

7. Casino Pride

Casino Pride - Goa
Casino Pride, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

Casino Pride is your one-stop destination if you are looking to be surrounded by luxury. It is like visiting Disneyland with its plush interiors and the perfect ambiance that is suitable for every kind of visit. It can be found located on the MV which is the pride of Goa. Some of the main attractions here include live gaming, treats to indulge in, buffet meals, casino experience and lots more. The Casino pride will take you through a unique experience of feeling the Adrenaline Rush of gaming that makes your head reel.

8. Sinquerim beach

Sinquerim Beach - Goa
Sinquerim Beach, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

The Sinquerim beach is situated just 13 km away from Panaji. It is the ultimate destination if you are looking forward to enjoying water sports. The entire beach is in the shape of a crescent with extensive stretches of sand that makes it the perfect spot for couples, Family outing, and place for kids to play around in the sand. Some of the main attractions of the Sinquerim beach include Scuba Diving, windsurfing, fishing, parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping swimming and lots more.

9. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem Beach - Goa
Mandrem Beach, Goa (Source: pictureboss)

Mandrem beach is popular for its unique casuarina trees which are the home to the white-bellied fish eagle. Other attractions include the endangered Olive ridley Turtles and water sports activities windsurfing, swimming, Scuba Diving, paragliding, and parasailing. It is also well known for its variety of food items and drinks.

10. Mapusa market

The Mapusa Market is open on all days of the week except Sundays. It is crowded on Friday morning. This popular market in Goa is a raucous one that brings in both vendors and local Shoppers as well as from all over India. It is commonly known as the Friday market.

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