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Top 10 beaches to visit in Goa during summer


Goa is known for its incredible beaches and extensive coastlines. It is the perfect place for romantic
getaways and long walks along the shore with your loved ones. Goa is known as the sunshine state of
India and has been a popular Haven for visitors and tourists seeking out the glistening blue seas, warm
sands, and Sunshine. Goa board of under 105 kilometers of sandy coastlines and it is no surprise when
people call it the ultimate destination! We bring to you some of the top 10 beaches in Goa dotted along
the coastline from the north to the south of the state of Goa. Read on to know more about them.

  • Baga beach:

Baga Beach is popular all over the world for its bright blue waters and a serene and vibrant
atmosphere. People flock to this beach not only for the unique experience but also for a first-hand
experience of the aromatic and tantalizing street food sold at the welcoming beach shacks scattered
along the Golden Sands. This beach is known for its fun parks, water sports and diving adventures.

  • Sinquerim Beach:

The Sinquerim Beats is the perfect relaxing destination for beach lovers in Goa. It is popular for its
stunning and sedate coastline dotted with towering Palm trees in the background. Some of the main
attractions of this spot are its parasailing and speed boat racing.

  • Morjim beach:

You will find the Morjim beach located towards the far north of the state of Goa. One of the Unique
features of the Morjim beach is its wild expanses of sand that call out to Tourists and visitors to sink
their toes into the warm sand. It is famous for cruises on the waters, dolphin sightseeings, and other
beach watersports activities. The major attraction of this spot is its nesting grounds for the Olive ridley
sea Turtles.

  • Colva beach:

You will find it located in the southern part of Goa and it is known for its charismatic and vibrant
surroundings. The main attractions of the Colva Beach are the colourful fishing boats sailing across the
deep blue waters, bringing in fresh fish to be smoked and fried. You can go jet skiing, on banana rides,
snorkeling, parasailing, speed boat riding and lots more.

  • Anjuna and Vagator beaches:

When compared to the other beaches in Goa, these are not much spectacular, yet they are still popular
amongst the locals. They are known for their beauty and Charm and comfortable coastal spots for you
too cozy up with your loved ones. It is popular for parasailing, paragliding, and snorkeling.

  • Mobor beach:

The Mobor beach can also be found located in South Goa and is the perfect laid back Hangout for
tourists were looking for some peace and slow paced life. You can be guaranteed to experience read
jubilation and relaxation away from the Hustle and bustle of the city life, surrounded by rustic beach
shacks and warm sand beneath your toes.

  • Palolem beach:

This beach is considered as the finest beach in the whole of Goa. It offers breathtaking views as far as
the eye can see. The popular attraction of this spot is dolphin sighting. The coastline is sandy with long
curves of palm-fringed sand and safe spots for swimming. It is popular for its charm and ramshackle
beach Huts offering you delicious local grub.

  • Arossim beach:

If you are looking for a beautiful beach in Goa, then this is the perfect spot for you as it has extensive
stretches of Golden Sands which are lapped up by the glistening blue sea water and tall Palm trees in the
background. It is a haven for almost anyone looking for fun relaxation delicious and fresh seafood. The
popular attraction of this beach is wind surfing.

  • Cola beach:

This beach is popular for its Maharaja Nights where Tourists and visitors can camp throughout the night
in safaris which are both comfortable and offers breathtaking views on all sides. This beach is quite and
known for blissful and idyllic beauty. You can go kayaking, wind surfing and paragliding.

  • Candolim and Calangute beaches:

This is one beach in Goa which is both inviting and resonating with a friendly atmosphere. You get the
best of delicious Goan curries and local delicacies served in colourful and vibrant beach shacks. The
popular attractions of this beach are adventure sports like surfing and paragliding.

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