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Top 13 Things to do in Texas

Things to do in texas

About Texas:

Texas is the second largest state in the United States. It is rich in natural resources, cultural attractions, diversity of landscapes and a splendid coastline. This world class City is packed with tourist attractions that draw in visitors from all around the world. It is quite a large state with a lot of things to do and see. It is home to some of the world popular historical landmarks art galleries and underground caverns. We give you the perfect guide on some of the top tourist attractions in Texas in the United States of America.

The Alamo:

The Alamo Texas
The Alamo, Texas (Source: pixabay)

The Alamo was established in the year 1718 and was further developed by the Franciscans and was later on converted into a Fort in the year 1836. It gained popularity during the Texan war of independence when the locals defended themselves against a strong and Mighty Mexican Army. The Alamo stands in memory commemorating the killed Texans including the famous Davy Crockett.

6th floor Dallas museum:

Sixth floor museum Texas
Sixth floor museum, Texas (Source: pictureboss)

President John F Kennedy lay in a pool of blood after a bullet was fired on the sixth floor of this building. Today it houses a museum that displays a detailed account and narration of the Assassination of the popular American President John F Kennedy. Some of the top highlights in this Museum includes his life history, biography, presidential campaign and his term as the President of one of the powerful states in the world. His life history is supported by photos, footage and artifacts actually used by John F Kennedy. Near to the museum is the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial built in honour of him and which was unveiled in the year 1970.

Space Centre Houston:

Space Center Houston Texas
Space Center Houston, Texas (Source: pictureboss)

The Space Centre in Houston also includes NASA Lyndon B Johnson Space Centre and mission control. It is just 30 minutes away from the center of Houston. This Space Centre is the main area which monitors space flights and Mans and controls it. It is here that operations of some of the world’s largest space controls takes place by scientists and engineers from all over the country and abroad as well. The Space Centre in Houston displays exhibits, footage, film shows, artifacts, Astronaut tools technology and equipment used by them, samples of out of space and the moon Rocky surfaces. In addition to this, there are also samples taken from Mercury, and other planets as well as the Apollo space research programs. At the space center in Houston, you get to see Rockets and other space equipment and Technology used in reality.

Big Bend National Park:

Big Bend National Park Texas
Big Bend National Park, Texas (Source: pixabay)

The big bend National Park is popular for its wilderness and mystic natural beauty. You will find it located in the southwestern part of the state. It is located around the Rio Grand from which it derived its name. The big bend National Park comprises of three zones which includes the Chisos mountains, Chihuahuan desert, and the Rio Grand Valley. Some of the main attractions here include the Golden Eagles, the Roadrunners and different species of birds. In addition to this, it is also home to more than 1100 species of plants. You can go hiking cycling and walking along the Lost mine trails, gazing at the Santa Elena canyons, Mariscal, and the Boquillas.

San Antonio Riverwalk:

San Antonios River Walk Texas
San Antonios River Walk, Texas (Source: pixabay)

The major attractions of the San Antonio river include its many diverse festivals, and the arts and crafts show that brings out the talent and skills of the local Texans as well as other artists from around the world. The San Antonio Riverwalk passes through the very heart of San Antonio. It is one of the main Hubs for sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, hotels, and historic buildings. The river walkway is constructed below the street level and it winds its way through the City. It is teeming with life throughout the day and the night and the best way to observe the beauty is by taking an upstream river cruise.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Texas
Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas (Source: pictureboss)

This National Park offers you some of the most breathtaking desert sceneries in the country. It is home to the popular Golden Eagles and a diverse species of birds and wildlife. The National Park surrounds the Guadalupe mountains, its peak is the highest elevation point in the city of Texas. It also features several miles of trails which is one of the most preferred ones for hikers who are looking for some strenuous activity. Some of the other major attractions of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park includes the pine springs, hiking and biking trails, and the Spectacular Woodland canyons.

Padre Island National Seashore

The Padre Island is a popular tourist destination as it is one of the longest barrier islands in the world and stretches for about 70 Miles. The Padre Island attracts tourist and visitors from all over the world for its Sandy beach, dunes, undeveloped coastline, and extensive grasslands. In addition to this, it is home to several species of migratory birds and Sea Turtles. It is the ultimate Paradise for Birdwatchers and lovers looking for the Perfect Getaway. Make sure to visit the Malaquite visitor center before embarking on your adventure of Padre Island seashore.

Texas state capital in Austin

Texas state capital in Austin
Texas state capital in Austin (Source: pixabay)

This historical Landmark building was built in the year 1888. It stands 308 feet tall and impressive as one of the finest legislatures of the United States of America. It is surrounded by 822 Acre Park which is highlighted with monuments and statues of the Alamo defenders as well as the fighters during the Vietnam War. Go on a guided tour around this Historic monument of the Texas state capital. Another major attraction of this spot is the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge that gives you spectacled views of the free-tailed Mexican birds that come out at Dusk.

Fort worth stockyards

Fort worth stockyards, Texas
Fort worth stockyards, Texas (Source: Pixabay)

The Fort worth stockyard was established in the year 1866 and derives its name from the cattle industry where several millions of cattle were breed, sorted and shipped to other ports. The Fort worth stockyards are the only surviving stockyards of its kind in the United States of America which have now been converted into an attraction with fun things to do like riding rodeos, attending theatrical performances, Western-themed evening dances, concerts, musical events, cattle riding demonstrations, riding up cattle trails, and lots more. Another attraction of this place includes the stockyards museum that houses exhibits, artifacts, and displays of the olden stockyard days.

Corpus Christi

The Corporis Christi is the mighty, largest and the only surviving vessel that still remains from the World War II. The Corpus Christi USS Lexington was launched in the year 1943 and it was an aircraft carrier in those days. Today it has been converted into a Naval museum that houses vintage aircraft collections, artefacts and remants from the World War II. The other major attractions of the Corpus Christi includes 3D gaming, movie simulators, and sitting on the pilot’s seat! You get to explore every nook and corner of the Corpus Christi ship, each of which tells its own historic tale.

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art, Texas
Dallas Museum of Art, Texas (Source: Pictureboss)

This Museum is exclusively dedicated to art and crafts and it was established in the year 1903. It is home to some of the popular art galleries that have paintings and art Works from the skilled master artists of Europe as well as the local Americans. It displays more than 24,000 artworks dating back to the 16th-century Egyptian art, Greek art, Roman art, and European art as well as the modern and contemporary art. Some of the popular attractions include the Jackson Pollock paintings Italian Renaissance artworks and the French impressionist artists.

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens, Texas
Moody Gardens, Texas (Source: Pixabay)

The popular attractions of the Moody Gardens include its amazing 3 glass pyramids, marine life great barrier reef of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea life, lagoons, Palm Beach, and the water park. It is also home to diverse flora and fauna, bears, sloths, Birds, chattering monkeys, and leafy vegetation.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas
Natural Bridge Caverns, Texas (Source: Pictureboss)

The Natural Bridge Caverns are located just a little while away from San Antonio. These caverns are a spectacular underground network of stalactite formations. It is popular for being the largest such caverns in the United States of America. Some of the popular attractions of the Natural Bridge caverns include the castle of the white lion the king’s Throne, Impressive extensive limestone Bridge, the impressive display of stalactites, treetop climbing, zip lining, fun along the Ropelines and stalactite limestone natural platforms.

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