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Top 12 Things to do in Goa

Things to do in Goa

About Goa:

The state of Goa is a hotspot for visitors and tourist from all over the world. With its stunning beaches, there are few top things to do in Goa like trying mouth-watering Goan cuisine markets, shopping, water activities, adventure sports, and Lots more it has become the ultimate destination to explore to your heart’s content. It has a whole lot of fun activities to offer and you get all you will ever need here. In this blog, we take you through all the fun things you can do in Goa, that will give you the time of your life and memories to cherish for a long time to come.

1. Snorkeling

Snorkeling (Source: pexels)

Go on the best of snorkeling tours in Goa. The perfect holiday is all about chilling out on a Goan Beach. The beaches of Goa are the main hub for all water sports and fun-filled activities such as snorkeling where you get to explore the unknown Underwater World. Admire the beauty of the life underwater as you feast on the wayward a vibrant and colorful marine life of the Arabian Sea. Swim side by side with the humpback dolphins on the Grande Island, admire and explore the corals under water. There are many snorkeling tours all over Goa and each of them comes with a unique package that gives you a memorable holiday experience like none other.

2. Parasailing

Parasailing (Source: pixabay)

Goa is a land filled with fun and parasailing is one of them. Parasailing gives you exotic views of the beauty of Goa all around you. Winch parasailing also gives you exciting and panoramic views of the beaches from high above in the air. The Mobor beach is a popular hotspot to venture out on a parasailing expedition. Tourist and visitors convention out on a winch boat into the sea and from there on go on your parasailing adventure. Parasailing is the kind of adventure quote for those who are strong and brave at heart without fear of water. Parasailing adventure that brings with it memories for a lifetime.

3. Cycling

Cycling (Source: pixabay)

Goa has several cycling tours for those of you who love to explore on two wheels. It is a fun activity which enables you to experience Every side of Goa, whether it is the serene, gentler all the dense mother nature. Hire a bicycle and go cycling along the long stretches of roads and lanes lined with green trees on all sides. Go peddling along the coastline while you rest and stop for long cool fresh drinks of coconut water. Everything comes alive when you are on a bicycle tour and it is one of the most comprehensive way of exploring and experiencing everything that Goa has in store for you. The best places to go cycling are the Divar, Chorao islands and Anjuna.

4. Jet Ski riding

Jet Ski riding
Jet Ski riding (Source: pixabay)

If you are an adventure thrill seeker and a lover of speed, then Jet Ski riding is the perfect adventure sport for you during your vacation in Goa. It is the most exciting and thrilling of all water sports activities that Goa has in store for you. It is a fun experience to share with family and friends as well as for tourist looking out for an adventure. Hire the Atlantis water sports fleet of jet skis as they are the safest and well-maintained the state. They power up to about 100 HP to 135 HP that gets you zipping through the waves at top speed.

5. Sailing

Sailing (Source: pixabay)

Goa offers some of the best selling tours that give you unrestricted views of the Crystal Deep Blue Water as far as the eye can see. Explore the waters of Goa beaches and what yourself cut through the gushing Waves. Go on a private Cruise ride on the waters of the Arabian Sea and gaze at the magic of mother nature unfolding in front of you as you head out into the breathtaking Horizon.

6. Trek


Most of Goa can be admired and explode best why tracking. So if you are a trekking and hiking enthusiast, then Goa has a lot of things to offer you on this front. There are several trekking packages which you can sign up for and be a part of the trekking and hiking expeditions. Trekking brings about a fragile balance and breaks the monotony of water sports. Goa is a sight to behold on foot with butterflies fluttering everywhere, Birds chirping and singing on the trees, peacocks dancing, monkeys chattering and wild cats on the prowl that gets your skills and adrenaline on high alert. One such popular spot for trekking is the to-do Todo waterfalls that give you one hell of an adventure.

7. Scuba diving

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving, (Source: pixabay)

Goa is the perfect destination for all that fun, sun, and Golden Sands. Scuba Diving is one of the biggest attractions amongst the water sports activities in Goa. Goa with its Sandy coastlines and cool tropical waters make it the best destination to explore its underwater marine life through scuba diving. Some of the major places to go scuba diving are the locker of Davy Jones, Shelter Cove, the Uma Guva Reefs, Vasco da Gama beach, Calangute  beach, Gauravaddo, Grande Island, Candolim, and Maddo Vaddo.

8. Rafting

River Rafting
River Rafting (Source: pixabay)

Rafting in Goa is an enthralling experience. One of the best places to go rafting is on the Valpoi river in Goa. With the outcome of the monsoon season, river rafting is an adventurous sport to indulge in. Head out to the Goan beaches and take a spin on one of the many rafts are rented out awesome unique crafting experience. The water rafting activities come in several packages and exhilarating sea rafting trips as you head out rafting into the glorious colorful sunset Horizon.

9. Canyoning

One of the best places to go canyoning is along the upper Sauri Canyons. The narrow gorgeous of Goa’s canyons are a sight to behold with its steep drops, breathtaking waterfalls and naturally sculpted walls.


Surfing (Source: pixabay)

If you are a beginner eager to try out surfing on the waters, then Goa is your ultimate perfect destination. The beach waters of Goa with its peaceful and Mellow swells get you comfortable with the techniques of control over surfing. Some of the major spots to go surfing is at the Vaayu waterman’s village, banana Surf School, Surf Wala, Aloha Surf School, and several other places as well.

11. Quad biking

Quad Bike
Quad Bike (Source: pixabay)

Quad biking is one of the best adventure sports whether it is sunny or rainy. It is an excellent activity for adrenaline lovers and adventure enthusiasts. There are two types of Quad biking tracks which include the adventure track and the Jungle track. The adventure track takes you through flatland that has several obstacles and the bumpy surfaces all around, while the Jungle track takes you through the spice plantation that features natural elevation on its surface.

12. Sport fishing

Sport Fishing
Sport Fishing (Source: pixabay)

Goa has made fishing an exciting water sport. So if you have dream of catching a fish on your own or you think you have the knack and skills of that of a fisherman, then Goa is the perfect place for you to check it out. Unleash your innate desires of catching fishes like a pro and make it a reality in Goa.

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